Katie & joe

Randy Fenoli Bride - Katie & Joe

Wedding Date: 20th October 2018
Guest Numbers: 130
Wedding Location: Wharfedale Grange, Yorkshire, UK 
Photographer: Chris Milner Photography 

Tell us about your love story

We first met in 2010 at Birmingham University and were friends for a year before we decided we liked each other as more than friends! Our friends were always joking that we would make a good couple.  

How did he put a ring on it?

Joe surprised me with a trip to a chateau in Northern France. We woke up one Saturday morning and he told me we were going away for the night. We had a beautiful suite in the chateau with windows overlooking the sea. It was in front of the windows that Joe popped the question. I said yes immediately!

Where did you draw inspiration from? 

I did a bit of Pinterest searching, (what bride doesn’t?!) but I wanted to keep the wedding authentic to us so tried not to focus too much on what other people had done.

What was your wedding theme & style?

We wanted our wedding to be relaxed and modern but with traditional aspects. Our venue was a purpose built barn with lots of metal, glass, exposed recycled wood and tons and tons of chandeliers! We based our theme around this incorporating glass gin bottles as centerpieces, vintage style suits for the men and wooden place names and signs. 

What made the wedding personal to you? 

It was important to us that our wedding was unique and incorporated what was special to us. Our Cavapoo Moses is a very important part of our life and so we wanted him to be a part of it. He walked my maid of honour down the aisle which was absolutely adorable! 

One of my bridesmaids is an amazing singer and we asked her to sing “How long will I love you” by Ellie Goulding. Joe’s brother accompanied her on the piano – it was a really special moment. 

It was also important to us that our vows were real and personal. I mentioned goes “hanger” (the anger he gets when he is hungry), and he mentioned my love for naps (which he hates). 

We are both Jewish and although we didn’t opt for a traditional Jewish wedding, we had an additional evening ceremony to honour and celebrate our heritage. Lots of our guests commented that this was their favourite part of the wedding as they hadn’t experienced a Jewish ceremony before. 

We also incorporated my favourite drink into the day – Goldwasser, a liquor from Gdansk in Northern Poland, that my great great grandfather used to make in his distillery. My mum made a toast with the drink, in honour of our family roots. 

What were you most nervous or excited about? 

I was most nervous about all our guests having a great time. As much as our wedding was about us, we wanted it to hold a special place in everyone’s heart and be remembered as a great day. 

Did you DIY any elements? 

By accident – yes! We ordered our chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) online. It was beautiful and made of silver birch. What we didn’t realise was that it would arrive as giant twigs of silver birch with no instructions! Luckily one of our groomsmen is amazing at DIY and so together he and Joe managed to build it. 

Tell us about your dress? 

I tried on so many dresses that I liked by just weren’t “the one”. My sister picked out my wedding dress and I wasn’t sure about it on the hanger but tried it on to please her. I had specifically said that I didn’t want a dress that was either strapless or flowery and it was both! When it was on, it just felt right. It was unique and different while still being very much a wedding dress. The detailing was absolutely stunning. It was only the second shop I had been to so I spent the rest of the day trying on dresses but I couldn’t get it out of my head. I rushed back to the shop 5 minutes before it closed for a final try and said yes! 

Where did you find it?

A bridal shop near where my mum and sisters live in Essex called Serenity Brides. 

What was your experience like? 

Dress shopping was for me, one of the best experiences I have ever had. I took my 4 sisters (all bridesmaids), my best friend (maid of honour) and my mum with me – a full entourage! I was surprisingly nervous when I arrived, quickly calmed by a complimentary glass of Prosecco. The whole day was so lovely and everyone made me feel so beautiful - I’m just sad I can’t do it every year! 

What was your most memorable moment from your day?

The look on Joe’s face as I walked down the aisle will always stick with me. He looked so emotional which is very rare so I will treasure it! Also, the memory of my mum being lifted on a chair by some of our male friends during the Israeli dancing is also one of my favourite moments! Luckily, there is great photo evidence! 

What does marriage mean to you? 

Joe and I have always felt committed to each other and known we wanted to be together forever. To us, getting married was really just about making that commitment official and celebrating that decision, surrounded by everyone we love.

I think the our fundamental belief in what marriage means is summed up in this sentence from my vows to Joe (he also said something very similar in his to me): “I promise to always make time for you and to commit to loving you every day, to grow with you today until forever.” 

Something New?

Joe bought me a beautiful Monica Vinader bracelet to open on the morning of the wedding. It has “J & K” engraved on the front and the date of the wedding on the inside. 

Something Old?

Apparently, traditionally a bride should wear an old sixpence in her shoe for luck so I purchased one from Ebay as my something old. 

Something Borrowed?

One of my best friends lent me her pearl bracelet to wear on the day 

Something Blue?

I had blue toenails! 

Anything words of wisdom you can pass onto future brides & grooms? 

  1. Enjoy every moment – take time to actually take in what is happening and appreciate the moment. You may never have everyone you love in a room together again! 

  2. Don’t drink too much alcohol! 

And finally, try on a variety of different dress styles and be open minded – sometimes the right one for you is the one you really didn’t think you wanted!  

Randy Fenoli Bride - Katie & Joe
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