Kelly's Wedding


Name: Kelly

Wedding Date: July 14, 2018

Name Of Randy Fenoli Wedding Dress You Wore?: Bella

Where Did You Purchase Your Randy Fenoli Wedding Dress From?: Bella Bianca. Oak Brook, IL

Tell Us About Your Dress:

 I LOVE my dress! I chose it to wear just the short dress for dancing at our reception. Then I brought with on our honeymoon in France and wore it on our professional photo shoot in Paris. It looks amazing!

Why did you choose a Randy Fenoli Bridal Dress (we can't wait to hear): 

The shorter Bella is exactly what I was imaging for my reception. And I’ve loved watching Randy on SYTTD for years. When I saw his dress and then heard he was coming to my city for a trunk show, I had to go see it!

Photographer: Antoine Monfajon

Wedding Venue: Hotel Baker. St. Charles, IL

Tell Us Your Proposal Story - We're sure it's dreamy!

 Mark took me to New York for the weekend. The first night he took my to a romantic restaurant for dinner. After we ordered dessert, he handed me an envelope. There was a confirmation for an appt at Kleinfeld. I was still trying to figure out why he made me an appt when he got on one knee and proposed! The next day we went to tea at the Waldorf Astoria. He excused himself as soon as we sat down. He came back with my mom! He flew her in to come dress shopping with me! The whole weekend was full of amazing surprises!

Any Advice For Other Couples?

 Everybody tells you this but really slow down and take it all in and enjoy it!

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